Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm such a lousy driver!!

Bites Tale : Too many happenings i had yesterday... may be that's why i had a nightmare!!

Yesterday morning, my dad asked me :"how are you going to drive today?", i said :"as usual lor...", he asked again :"how did you managed to drive home after work last night?", i said :"huh? as usual lor..", then he said :" you had a car puncture and you don't know ah?" ... i was like "huh? ya kah?"

So he brought my car to some workshop to check... turned out that i need to change 2 tyres because there is some iron thingy came out from the 2 tyres due to some car alignment problems.. sigh.. the total bill costs me RM510.00... there goes my $$$... sigh...

My dad asked me, "don't you feel anything strange when u are driving?", i said: "umm, apart from my steering wheel is looped sided.. i feel nothing." Can see he wanted to faint at that time.. kekeke.

Got my car in the evening, and drove my mom to town for shopping.. wow... can feel the difference.. the car is so light and so smooth to drive... hahaha.

I'm such a lousy driver oh...

Pic: Nothing beats a joyride with McD burger, fries & drink.


esther said... thank your Dad and i thank my husband for doing all the "kuli" job for car maintenance :p

meatball online said...

hahaha.. can say we "women" are lucky!

Tracy Tan said...

i had a good laugh when reading this...your dad is so cute to ask you so patiently :)

and i am honored you want to add me to your blogroll. i'll add yours too :)

let's enjoy our cooking and eating journeys

meatball online said...

thanks for dropping by here.. i've added u at the "daily bites" section. Ya, i love eating!!! great to know u!