Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bintulu Korean Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.

Bites Tale : I want western food... u know those sirloin steak, grilled chicken... not pasta & pizza... where can i find western food that is delicious in KK ah?

I always prefer other cuisine than korean, i think indian food is much better than korean. For me, korean food is just plain spicy and it gets so spicy sometimes, my tongue can't differentiate whether the food is hot or my tongue is swollen... it's difficult sometimes that after a korean meal i still can't be able to tell how the food really taste.

However, the best korean food i've ever tried is in KL at a restaurant called Korean Fusion, Starhill, the price is on the high side, but it's worth every sen we spent there. The worst one would be 大长今 Korean Restaurant at Tanjung Aru Plaza, KK, i vowed never to go back there again!

It's been quite sometime i haven't step foot into a korean restaurant, it was by chance i went again last saturday. My friend was seeking for dinner partner, he was thinking of having a steamboat dinner... i brought my sis and another friend along (i always feel that it's too quiet to have a 2-person steamboat) but it's bad luck because the steamboat restaurant we wanted to try at Taman Landbreeze has closed down. And we only knew after he has reached there. So he called me and suggested having korean food at Bintulu Korean Restaurant.

I remember i went there once in 2006, the food was nice but still spicy for me (i am not a chili person) ... deep in the corner of my heart i worried i can't feed myself well that night.. but in order not to be the one to spoilt his mood.. i agreed (which in the car, i have been asking myself why, why, why..)

He has ordered the food when i reached there... he said he wanted a healthy dinner... so he skipped the beef.. (i actually thought Korean food is about beef and kim chi, without beef.. what else we could eat?).. so i just wait and see... these were what we had that night :-

Pic : Lettuce @ RM6 & appetizers (complimentary)

Pic : O-deng @ RM18

Pic : Rice Cake @ RM15

Pic: Fish delight @ RM22

The dinner turns out to be very nice, i'm glad i agree with my friend's suggestion to eat in this place.. at least now i can proudly say yes to korean food... or in other words, at least now i know what i can eat when i was brought to a korean restaurant.

Bintulu Korean Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.
Lot 1-1, 1st Floor, Block E
Lorong Lintas Plaza 3
Lintas Plaza
88300 Kota Kinabalu

Tel: 088-270370

Friday, September 28, 2007

Umai Fine Japanese Cuisine Cafe = Delicious!!!

Update : Umai is no longer open for business, they have closed down.

Bites Tale : After we came out from Umai, it was decided that Umai will be the place we would go for lunch at least once a month!

I won't be writing much on Umai, the new japanese restaurant in town, because she has definitely written a better review than i could possibly be writing. It was because of her review, i just couldn't wait any longer till the weekend to get my hands on the sashimi... i went there for lunch yesterday... despite of my pitiful short hour of lunch.. So, go read it!

I must say that this is the Best japanese restaurant i have been in KK!
Even the name suggested so... Umai = Delicious / Tasty! Here's what we ordered:-

Pic : Chirashi Set @ RM 25++

This was really good.. comes with tempura, cold soba, chawanmushi, miso soup, fruits & some preserved thingy.. i finished the whole thing... and now as i am typing.. i still think of how fresh and yummy they were!

Pic : Wakatori Karage Set @ RM 17++

My friend said this was ok... actually it is nice... but she were thinking of having teriyaki chicken even when we are still on the way there.. unfortunately, the staff at Umai said it's not available yesterday. But she suggested to go there twice a week for lunch, so i guess it was nice too! This set comes with 2 pcs of sashimi, chawanmushi, miso soup, rice & the preserved thingy..

Pic : 5 Types Sashimi Set @ RM 28++

This were equally good as the chirashi set. Terri was right... the sashimi here is much, much better than those at Nagisa, Hyatt Regency Kinabalu or any Japanese restaurant here. So, next time if you are craving for nice Japanese cuisine... Umai is the place for you. Even i will keep on returning there... there's so much food they provided in the menu, my friend and i wanted to try everything in the menu.. it has now became our mission!! I just hope the "Ninja" (yes, there is 1 ninja who will greet you and show you to the table) at Umai won't get bored seeing us there!

Umai Fine Japanese Cuisine Cafe
1st Floor, D'junction
Jalan Penampang
88300 Kota Kinabalu

Tel : 088-701100

Pic : I don't know why.. i can't seems to adjust my camera to the right mode.. sorry for all the blurry pics!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kedai Kopi Ming Hiong

Bites Tale : Thanks to Terri, i had a very nice lunch just now!

This is just a normal coffee shop (no air-con, not nicely painted, no decoration at all) located at Inanam.

Frankly speaking, i have never liked the idea of dining at Inanam... i always thought i can't find anything other than dust and people. But my parents suggested to go dinner at this shop at Inanam one sunday night, they keep persuading me the food there is nice and i should try... they said if i love the cooking from Lotus at Dah Yeh Villa, then i'll sure find this nice too. So, i've no choice but to follow.

My verdict after the dinner : I'm really glad they brought me there, food was very nice! and it was cheaper than most of the shops in KK, Dah Yeh, Damai, Foh Sang etc. Here's what we ordered :-
Pic : Japanese Bean Curd

Pic : Sweet and Sour Fish Slices

Pic : Deep fried Pork with fermented red bean curd paste

Pic : Sabah Vege with egg

Pic : My all times favourite - dumplings

Looks good? Yes, indeed... they were so good that i'm the one who help to clear all plates!

Kedai Kopi Ming Hiong
Ground Floor, Lot 1, Block A
Inanam New Township
Kota Kinabalu

(Nearby Action Supermarket)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ananas - Healthy juices & Fruity soft ice-creams

Update : Now Ananas also operates a stall at Palm Square, Centre Point Sabah

Bites Tale : It would be better if they can give more options to the customer on what choice of fruits they prefer to go with the ice-cream!

There are so many "yum cha" outlets at Citymall... but when it comes to deciding which one to go, it's so difficult!

My friends and i wanted to go for a drink / dessert after our dinner last Saturday, one wanted herbal tea, one wanted to go star bucks and the others wanted to go yogur berry... we ended up don't know where to go but settled with going to Citymall instead (b'cos it was raining and Citymall seems to be a nearer choice and convenient place to go)!

Pic : View from the corridor

We went there but still don't know where to go... were walking around and saw this... although there was no customer there, still we decided to give it a try... simply because of the poster/pics there (yeah! good poster/pic makes the trick!) and the price was quite reasonable..

This place was small, only can fit 4 tables... but it was clean and bright, with lots of magazines available there for reading.. the owners are nice too (i think they are father & son's team). We ordered 3 soft ice-creams with fruits, 1 apple juice and 1 sour...

Pics : What they serve there...

This is how the ice-cream with fruits looks like... a bit dissappointed though... picture looks so nice.. the taste was so so only... ice-cream is not sweet, tasted like the snow ice from yoyo... and the fruits (watermelon & honeydew) were not sweet either.. so overall verdict for this is : cold only.

Pic : Soft ice-cream with fruits

Apple juice is just normal apple juice... and this is "Frisky sour", one of the drinks recommended by the boss... he recommended "Frisky sour" and "Calm sea" but we were so attracted to the ice-cream poster, we didn't take his advice. (we should, actually..)

Pic : Frisky Sour

One of my friend said he won't be going back there... because he was disappointed with the ice-cream they served.. but i think they deserved another try.. at least for the juice, it was really nice... and the wide selection of juices they have!!

Ananas Natural Juiced
M-1-8, South City Walk
Jalan Lintas
Kota Kinabalu

Tel : 016-8474484