Wednesday, September 12, 2007

3rd Sabah International Folkdance Competition Part 2

Bites Tale : I enjoyed the show very much.. but i dropped my gold necklace there... luckily i found the necklace but i can't find the heart pendant... sob sob... mum said : "nevermind la, money lost means bad luck gone (破财消灾)!!!"... speechless me...

The part 1 of the show was so good that we rushed our dinner to attend the part 2 of the show on 07 September 07... (actually we could arrived earlier, but i finished baking cupcakes and cleaning up only at 6.30pm, so was late for dinner.. luckily we were just in time to catch the 1st dance!)

I enjoyed the show very much... except that i thought the performance by Thai and India was good that one of them deserved to win the 2nd runner up place; i thought Singapore/Russia will win the Best dressed title, but they didn't. However, i think everyone who went to the show would definitely agree that the performance by Russia was really really good and no question asked when they were announced the winner of that competition! (I clapped until my hands are numbed...)

Some of the pics i took that night! (This time i remembered to bring my camera... hehehe...) :-

1st up was performance by Saudi Arabia... the dancer in the middle and on the right hand side (1st row) were very cute!

Next is Brunei... i think this is the most "normal", "nothing to shout about" dance for that 2 nights! but the dancers are the youngest compared to the others dancers... so i guess i can't expect too much from them.. however, it will be a very good experience for the young dancers.

Then comes Thailand... i think they were very good... i love the drummer especially!! The whole bunch of them are very lively! Thumbs up to the background players who make the whole performance extra interesting!

Poland... they were good... very "polished" ... they really can "hop"! i love it when there is interaction between the performers and the audience... we laughed so hard!!

I actually think Singapore is quite good... but i prefer the dance in Part 1.. more interesting.. this dance seems to be a normal malay dance.. but still they are one of the best malay dancers i've seen... and pretty as well.. look at their kebaya... simply lovely!

The performance from Japan was actually very nice.. but may be the pace and music was too slow compared to the performances from other countries.. so alot of people was saying it's boring..
Russia!!! The Winner!!! They were awesome... wonderful... magnificent... whatever you wanna describe them.. i think my eyes refused to blink watching them.. just in case i'd missed the best part.. hahaha... of course it's impossible.. but my eyes never wandered around...only stared at them!! They were so good that you would wanna keep looking at them and wish the music never stopped!
Next, performance by dancers from Latvia... i thought the dance was a bit like the dance from Poland.. even the "ribbons" they used... but the dancers were older.. so there were not much of "tricks", just normal folklore...

The dance from China... it was really nice... but like Singapore.. i think the performance during the Part 1 on the night before was better and more interesting... i.e. more "wow" effect.. if they performed the 1st dance in Part 2 of the show, may be they could win at least the 2nd runner up award.. because 1st night performance is 30% of the total mark and the 2nd night performance is 70% of the total mark.
Hahaha... India... (Tell you a secret... i love indian dance... i think they are "merry".. colourful.. and happy!!) . The guys are really funny and put up a very good show!

The last contestant... from Kazakhstan... the girls are very, very pretty... most of them are with Chinese look... i don't know where is Kazakhstan actually... but it must be a very beautiful countries with lots of good looking girls around.. kekeke... the dance they performed was quite nice... very "graceful"... i think the way they moved are like waves... my mum likes the dance very much.. however.. so-so to me only.. may be because the music was very soft.. compared to india.. kakaka... feel like a big difference suddenly.. and partly.. i can't sit still at that time.. because i was looking for my pendant.. sigh...

Next up, performance by our very own native dance from Sabah, the Murut tribe's dance, as a special performance by the Host country and while waiting for the result, they were great.. especially the 2 kids who started the dance.. (you should know what i am saying if you were there.. kekeke)
Here's the winner list!

The best dressed and the 2nd runner up ~ Kazakhstan... (One of the dancer from Kazakhstan also won the best female dancer award! but the name is too hard for me to remember.. paiseh!)

The 1st runner up ~ Poland

The Winner ~ Russia

Interesting, isn't it? RM10/ticket is really, really worth it!! I can't wait for the 4th Sabah International Folklore Festival... it's in another 2 years time.. i hope there'd be more countries joining!

Pic : Sumazau dance by all the contestants


Jessica said...

That pendant you got it from KL... which is your last year birthday present kah?

meatball online said...

no no... not that one.. the one i lost is real gold.. it's my mum's birthday gift from her friend.

by the way, the pendant i got from KL is for my this year birthday present.