Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back again!

Bites Tale : I've got my computer today, will upload the photos fast fast! Have so much to blog about!
Just got back!
Went to KL last sunday to accompany my sis for her registration and interview to study in UK.
Meanwhile, I've used the opportunity to meet some of my friends (you know who you are la... dinner was fun... and remember to forward me pictures ya!). Must meet up when we have chance again!
And for 2 special friends - Joann and Cedric.
Joann, who drove all the way from work to meet me for the 1st time, .... and Cedric, a long time no see friend, who asked for extended lunch time so that he could meet me ... i've fun chatting with you and thanks for everything!
But, i didn't manage to meet my friend - Skinny Pig...
So, Skinny Pig, i see you soon ya! But you don't malu malu if you see my parents with me ya!

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