Saturday, April 12, 2008

Coffee Tree - Fine Coffee & Chocolate In Town

Bites Tale : I have been feeling sick for 2 days... :(

No, it's not in KK. Coffee Tree is in Penang.

We didn't ask the driver to bring us here, but as some of you might know, drivers/tourist guides will earn commission from some of the local shop for bringing tourists to them...this is a practice everywhere.. even in Phuket or KK itself. Of course, there's no obligation for you to make any purchase. It's all up to you.

Pic : The main entrance

This place sells all kinds of coffee.. e.g. white coffee, coffee with no sugar, coffee with coconut, coffee tiramisu, coffee with orange and much more. They also sell chocolate drinks here. And you could taste every one of them before you buy.

Pic : The different kinds of coffee being displayed for sell @ RM25 per packet

There is a chocolate section too... it's local chocolate i think... we didn't buy any of the chocolates as they are not appealing to us. But we bought, i think, 10 packets of coffee. And if i remember correctly, with every purchase of 4 packets, they will give you a packet for free.

Pic : The Chocolate Section

We thought of not buying at 1st, but ended up buying as we all love coffee and this coffee is not available at supermarkets in KK, by the way, it tasted nicer that "Old Town White Coffee". But then, the price is also more expensive in comparison.

Pic : This is the van we hired. :)