Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Havana Bistro @ Warisan Square, KK

 I personally hink it's difficult to find good food whenever I'm at Warisan Square.

Except for :

Starbucks - good coffee and sandwich but bad cakes.

Japanese Restaurant (forgot the name, it's the one above Times Bookstore) - good sashimi and sushi

Secret Recipe - Nice but getting boring cakes, luckily I never get bored of the Vietnamese Beef Noodle there

But now, I have a new place to go for "makan" i.e "eat". Havana Bistro was introduced by one of my friend.

Pricing are reasonable considering the presentation, taste and portion of the food served. Slightly expensive than Upperstar but food is better. There are so much on the menu that you will sure like to explore when you read it. We had a hard time to decide what we wanted to eat.

Total bill was around RM125 for all the food and dessert posted here.

A must try there is the Mango dessert below.


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