Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kalamatas Resto'Ba, KK

Some friends recommended that I should go to this restaurant as they serve good food, most importantly, they serve good food with reasonable price.

So when another friend suggested the same restaurant when we are thinking where to have dinner, I know I "Have To" GO! So off we went.

It is located at Api Api Centre (behind Marina Court Condo, a few shops away from 7 eleven).

As you all may have noticed, I LOVE carbo! Buns, breads, pizzas, cakes, noodles, potatoes etc.

So my choice : Mushroom Burger with cheese and Spaghetti + Mushroom Soup. My friend suggested us to change the French Fries to Mashed Potato. So I agreed.

No regret of coming to this Restaurant. Burger was Awesome with capital "A"! 200g of homemade Beef Patty, the taste was really good. Love the Mashed Potato! Mushroom soup is nice too, as any mushroom soup not from the "can" is nice for me. The spaghetti is so-so though but the Mushroom burger and Mashed potato really made us happy!

It opens from 11am - 5am daily. YES. 5am. So this is a good place to go when you need supper too.


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