Friday, August 31, 2012

Justberrys Dessert House @ Lintas Plaza, KK

There's so much raves about this place for its dessert.

Brought mum and sisters one Saturday afternoon to try out. I've lost the pic on what we ordered that day, you could check them out at my sis, MeiTzeu's blog.

Made the 2nd and 3rd visits and they were all WOW, though they are slightly pricey compared to the other dessert shops, they are still reasonable considering the amount of real fruit they used.

My favourite here is the Durian dessert... Tried all 4 of the durian category.. I am now in love with D2.

Love the generous portion of durian.

Although this place is called Just Berrys, I personally like to call it JUST DURIAN!


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