Monday, July 28, 2008

Tip of Borneo

Bites Tale : I know how hard life is for you right now... you already have too much to worry about. But i felt like a game to you so i disqualified myself. I wish you well and will pray for you always..

It was a really "hard" drive from the town to the Simpang Mengayau a.k.a. The Tip of Borneo due to the seemingly endless gravels. Question of whether or not people will think it is worth driving all the way up from Kota Kinabalu to here, especially when we need to drive up the gravels for almost an hour just to be at The Tip of Borneo, kept popping out of my head.

But i guess, like the old saying of "someone's trash would be someone's treasure", and in this case, some may felt like it's not worth it to drive all the way just to look at scenery and take pictures for remembrance while some really appreciate the beautiful scenery of white sandy beach near the tip, the sea, the breeze etc.

Frankly, unless you are staying near Simpang Mengayau, not everyone gets to see the meeting point of 2 seas i.e. South China Sea and Sulu Sea. The view is simply stunning... Just like climbing Mount Kinabalu, there are lots of people who paid so much to fly themselve across from the other part of the world just to reach Kota Kinabalu and conquer Mount Kinabalu... while there're lots of Sabahan especially those from KK here have never ever attempt to climb Mount Kinabalu or even have the urge to do so... ashamed to say, i am 1 of them. (I'm still persuading myself to fight my fear of height and to at least try it once!)

It was still raining when we arrived, but we still enjoyed ourselves with the rain and the breeze, taking pictures of the scenery as well as the bronze globe that marks where we were --- Tip of Borneo.

Pic : It's raining... but it won't stop us from walking to the tip.

Pic : Walk, walk, walk
Look at the sea... i mean, seas

Walking back up for picture taking session of the Bronze globe...

I was there. ;)

Pic : The seemingly endless gravel.


maslight said...

Nooooooooooooo I haven't reach there yet T_T

Carrie said...

How's the people in Borneo? Just like malaysian? any other hot places there?

meatball online said...

gosh... i mean... bet u'll enjoy ur visit here.. :P

meatball online said...

mas, must go with ur gang la!

cheddarina, hahaha... borneo includes sabah and sarawak... so we are malaysian eh.. :P we do have a lot of places to visit here like mount kinabalu, poring hot spring, sepilok org utan sanctuary, proboscis monkey river cruise, islands etc. bet i'll enjoy visit here.