Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bouncy Fish Ball @ Hock Swee Hin, Johor

Bites Tale : Had a great time with Pauline and her son, Darren at Luna Rossa. Good food and good companion...i am seriously attracted to Darren - a 3 year old cutie!

If you ever visit Yong Peng town in Johor, do stop by Hock Swee Hin for their very bouncy and tasty fishballs.

And in each fish ball comes juicy filing... (sorry for blurry pic, again.)

Oh ya... and this is where I first taste the 3 in 1 Juice!


maslight said...

What's the content? @_@

meatball online said...

hi mas, content is non halal :)

Anonymous said...

I thought you going to bounce the ball... bounce it baby.


meatball online said...

hahahaha... no lah! then everyone will be looking at me playing my food! :P