Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Taste of Nyonya Heritage

Made a trip to Melaka on 8 Nov 2009 and stayed at Hotel Puri - a boutique hotel restored from an authentic Peranakan House in Melaka.

Everything is so beautifully done - lobby, courtyard, antique furniture while retaining the Peranakan Culture.

If you have watched the famous Singapore drama "Little Nyonya", and love to understand more about the Peranakan Culture, a visit to Hotel Puri and Jonker Street is not to be missed.

This picture was snapped at one of the foyer inside the hotel, see those black black thing on the top corner? That's birds' nests.

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maslight said...

Wahhh nice, never been to or stay at any peranakan house, though I've been to Melaka. A Famosa @_@"""