Sunday, December 20, 2009

I hate being +5.9

These are some of my "Qipao" - mandarin gown collection. "Qipao" to me is a multi-function dress as once you wear one, you'll never be under-dressed or over-dressed up. It can bring you through any function or event during the day or night.

I used to put a hole in my pocket to tailor make my "Qipao", until I "accidentally" found a place selling nice and not so expensive "Qipao" in Singapore during my trip there in March 09. So I bought a few to wear for the coming Chinese New Year and even some important functions. But I forgot what is most important to buy clothes much much earlier... That we should "look after" our weight. I tend to always grow fat each year with so much indulgence in food and so little time for exercise! Plus, a very lack of stamina and a lot of reasons for NOT to exercise.

It shocked me when I weight myself recently --- I've gained 5.9kg since March 09 (not including those I gained for the past years). This means I'm more than 10kg far from my ideal weight.

And it hurts so much that I can't fit into any of my "Qipao" and dresses that I love. To make things worst, I can't even find something to wear for a dinner I attended last night!

This is it --- A physical alarm that I shall no longer ignore.

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