Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Anyone wants Hot Dog???

Update : Roundz has ended its business

Bites Tale : At 1st, I was so disappointed because the 8" long hot dog is out of stock (again!!!)! I should have called.... Luckily, the 6" cheesy chicken hot dog can "compensate" me... ;)


Went on last saturday to get those long waited hot dogs... we ordered 6" beef hot dog and 6" cheesy chicken hot dog..

At 1st we were feeling kinda strange when we see the owner prepared the hot dogs... we just couldn't help but to ask : "How come there is no lectuce? or even cucumber slice and tomato slice?". He explained to us that there's no need to put anything else apart from hot dog and some chili/tomato sauce plus some mustard, simply because that's what a hot dog should be.. like what we'll get in US.. no lectuce, no cucumber slices and no tomato slices.. that way we can really sample how the hot dog tasted like.

So we wait patiently... and took a bite..

My, my.... it's so juicy! You might be asking : "Now, where is the cheese? since i ordered cheesy chicken hot dog!!"... hahaha... the answer, they put the cheese inside when they do the hot dog! So you don't ask the owner - "Where Is My CHEESE???"... (Shy, shy... i did!)

We also ordered a cup of Vanilla Cappucinno each person and i love it! I can even smell the vanilla when he is preparing... goes perfectly with my hot dog!

I saw that they've already changed their menu (will edit it in my previous post on Rounz), since i only go there on saturday and the only flavour of donuts i tasted is Banana, i got myself some strawberry donuts..

It's sweet... taste good as well, but i still prefer banana donuts!

So next time, if you are going to Kompleks Karamunsing... must drop by Rounz ya!!!

LG 29A, Kompleks Karamunsing
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Tel : 019-870 7383 / 016-828 8089

Pic : As if it wasn't sweet enough.. i asked for chocolate and vanilla toppings!


maslight said...

wow..strawberry inside O.O

Nux V said...

i want hot dog!!!


i want i want!!!! makes me hungry!!! thanks for sharing it!! hmmm hmmm.... wish can grab out from ur blog then eat them!!!

meatball online said...

kakaka... u all should come to KK!! we all meet up for hotdogs!

massy, very near u leh... can go! but i like the banana donuts better!

parisukat said...

you really want the 8" huh.. *grins*

meatball online said...

hehehe... lex... yup.. cos i never tasted an 8" hot dog bah.. (pretending i dunno ur joke..) *evil grins*

MimieLuV @ MeatBalls said...

yummm yummm... waahh.. my perut bebunyi oredi..