Thursday, November 29, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Bites Tale : Went to 1st Beach Cafe last nite and had a great time watching/listening to acoustic fingerstyle guitarists, John Goldie from Scotland and Roger Wang, our very own "King of Guitarist" (i create that nickname!) performed.. anyone who was there last nite?? Did you saw the waves? Damn scary!

Life's so busy... sometimes i just wish to quit and stop doing whatever i am doing now... and never look back again.. sometimes i wonder where am i going... i think i have lost my direction...

But then, i can't.... cos i need the $$$.

Yet, some friends told me :-

"You are earning peanuts lah!"



Nick Phillips said...

It doesn't really matter what earn, it's still money, right :)

meatball online said...

ya.. i understand what they mean... they just want me to be better.

Sweetiepie said...

You gotta be patient.This is what we call life.I hope I could earn as much$$$ as possible.Relax meatball.cheer up.:)

Edgar said...

okay. lets see in a different perspective.

this year, "you're earning peanuts la"

next year, "peanuts is way expensive than what you earn la"

the only way out? find extra income from outside.

The Little Creamy said...

Hey, I was at 1st Beach cafe too on Wednesday night! Too bad I don't know who r u?

Yes, the waves are scary. My friend & I were sitting right beside the beach, can feel the waves are very near us.

meatball online said...

yes sweetie pie, actually i dun wished for earning an elephant.. i always wished to be a housewife.. but friends said must wished for something better, financially and also "physically"!

edgar, i dunno... dun think i wanna find extra income.. i mean, my problem is.. this work is getting boring now adays...may be i just need a rest.

creamster, i was sitting inside.. but after the show finished i walked to the beach side to look at the wave.. i didn't saw u.. but i saw the few tables next to the beach were full.. i wore a dark blue dress with leggings.. :)