Monday, November 5, 2007

Little Italy

Bites Tale : My friend asked me to make her a cheesecake for her birthday... You should see how she and my dear react when they saw the cake... they laughed like anything.. she asked me why so plain one... i said i don't wanna spoilt the cake as i am very lousy in cake decorating.. my dear said :"Yalor! this one is the nicest! so you must be happy!" then they continue laughing ...

My friend is very famous for her "picky" taste bud.. she loves food, especially Italian and Japanese cuisine, and has very high expectation on food.

She came back from KL for holiday this week and since it's her birthday.. me and my dear brought her to this restaurant last saturday.. it's my dear's suggestion.. dear said : "Better bring her to a place where we are SURE that the food is very, very NICE!"

Dear was right! The food didn't disappoint her.. and us at all.

Little Italy is one of the finest italian restaurant in KK. I just love this restaurant... i been there few times and each time the food was up to my expectation. Service was great and the staff there are very attentive and helpful. The only set back is that the place is always packed and sometimes we need to wait for our table.. but i always go there early so that i won't have to wait.. and we were really lucky cos we arrived there at 7.30pm and got the last table left there.. after that we saw a queue for table. (Phew!)

My favourite is the Spinach Ravioli with ricotta cheese served in spicy arabiata sauce ... really, really yummilicious!!!

3 of us have these that night :

Pic : Caesar Salad

Pic : Spinach Ravioli with ricotta cheese served in Spicy Arabiata Sauce

Pic : Spinach Fettucini served in Emiliana Sauce

Pic : Prawn Olio Spaghetti

Pic : Seafood soup

Since it was my friend's birthday, the restaurant gave her a complimentary chocolate mousse.. it tasted heavenly too. We pay RM96 for all these including drinks, not bad huh?

My friend's verdict - she was very surprised and delighted that there is such a fine italian cuisine restaurant in KK.. she said she must s her bf about dinner at Little Italy.

Oh ya... did i tell you that her bf is a well known italian cuisine chef?

So, if you are craving for authentic and delicious italian cuisine next time, don't miss this!

Little Italy
Italian Cuisine Restaurant
(Next to Hotel Capitol/Opposite Wisma Merdeka)
Jalan Haji Saman
Kota Kinabalu
Tel : 088- 232231

Pic: This is the cake that i make for her... really, really plain, right?


Sweetiepie said...

Aiyo!so syok ah!eat in Little italian.Your cheesecake..look like those sell at the bakery.I like plain cheesecake.Original taste!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

HaHAhaha, I actually "Smirk" when I see ur cheesecake... same expression, really plain & nice! very smooth surface, I Think This is GOOD! Rather than over decor!
war.... I bet must be very pure...yummy creammy cream cheese......*smile*

Big Boys Oven said...

I notice about this little italian in KK, lovely cheesecake!

esther said...

above all...i like the cheesecake the best! do you have the recipe...share can ah!

meatball online said...

sweetie pie, denise, big boys oven... thanks alot leh.. i hope i can do cake decorating next time!

esther, i posted the recipe before. Here's the link :

meatball online said...

meatball online said...

die, i can't post up the link... esther, u need to go search under the "recipesss"

Deana E said... have been eating and eating ha...yes, i also love the ravioli and i think the waiter don't have to ask us for our order already..always the same, every month! ravioli,pizza,lemonade and the bruchetta..yummy yummy..