Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm feeling better...

Bites Tale : I'm feeling better now... still feel a bit of pain on the neck... sometimes makes me dizzy and headache... Now i can drive, go window shopping, eating out and work as usual... only when i am tired then i wear the neck support and be careful not to have big movement on the neck (just stay slow and steady). But i feel tired easily... always wanted to sleep... and i'm feeling a bit "slower and dumb" than before... doctor said is normal due to shock... sigh...

2008 is coming real soon.

Have not set any new year resolution yet... but i think i won't be setting any for 2008... i somehow noticed that i've "changed" after the accident... it seems like everything doesn't seems to be as important as before anymore... most important is just to be happy and don't stress myself too much. With so many loved ones around me and people who loves me (including you, my blogger friends), i really don't have anything to complaint... but to feel really grateful and blessed.

Some were wondering actually where have i been... that how come i was in a boat coming out from Selingan Island and what happened to the leeches that i blogged previously about how scared i am to them. So, i'll be blogging about my trip in details soon.

To start, there were 6 of us which includes 2 guides and 1 driver. Why driver? Because we went for a self-driving trip from Kota Kinabalu to some of the major tourist spots all around Sabah. Here's the itinerary :

09 Dec 07

Off from Kota Kinabalu to Kota Belud (Kota Belud Sunday Market)
Kota Belud to Kudat (Bee Farm, Gong Making Village)
Tip of Borneo
Overnight at Rungus Long House

10 Dec 07

Off from Kudat to Bilit (River Cruise @ Kinabatangan River)
Overnight at Bilit Adventure Lodge

11 Dec 07

Jungle Trekking to Ox Bow Lake
Overnight at Bilit Adventure Lodge

12 Dec 07

Off from Bilit Adventure Lodge to Gomantong Cave
Gomantong Cave to Lahad Datu Town
Danum Valley
Overnight at Borneo Rainforest Lodge

13 Dec 07

Jungle Trekkings at Danum Valley
Overnight at Borneo Rainforest Lodge

14 Dec 07

Off from Danum Valley to Lahad Datu Town
Lahad Datu to Sandakan
Overnight at Sepilok Jungle Resort

15 Dec 07

Off to Sandakan Jetty to Selingan Island
Overnight at Selingan Island for Turtle watching

16 Dec 07

Off from Selingan Island to Sandakan
Sandakan City Tour
Off from Sandakan to Mesilau
Overnight at Mesilau

17 Dec 07

Off from Mesilau to Kota Kinabalu (Home!)

As you all know by now, the trip ended after the accident, 3 of us went home straight by plane on 16 December evening... while the 2 guides and the driver remained in Sandakan to wait for the original copies of the police report and will drive back to KK after that.

Although we couldn't finish our journey, but we were really glad that all of us still alive and not badly wounded.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm back... luckily!

Bites Tale : I am really blessed, really...

Speedboat overturns but 22 (including tourists) safe
18 December, 2007

Sandakan: Twenty-two people, including 10 foreign tourists, were plucked from sea after the speedboat they were riding overturned near Pamaguan Island, about a 20-minute boatride from here, Sunday.

It was learnt the vessel was heading towards Sandakan from Selingan Island when the mishap occurred at about 7.50am.

The boat overturned after the boatman swerved to avoid hitting a log, resulting all the passengers being thrown overboard.

The passengers and the boatman were rescued by passing fishing trawlers, about 30 minutes later.

Some of the tourists claimed they lost all their belongings including passports, cameras and cash while giving their statements at the downtown police station the same day.

The tourists comprised six Britons, including three women, two New Zealenders and two Australians. The locals included three Public Works Department staff and a ranger, among others.

The tourists, aged between 22 and 57, left for Kuala Lumpur on an AirAsia flight at 5.10pm, shortly after giving their statements.

I was one of the local tourist and our journey ends after that incident (we were suppose to drive back to KK from Sandakan and stopped by Mesilau for 1 nite before we reached KK)... we flew back to KK that evening.

It was a very frightening experience as i am a non-swimmer.

But 1st, the fact is... the boat overturned after 20 minutes when its on its way from Selingan Island to Sandakan (we need 1 hour speedboat ride in very fast speed to reach Selingan Island from Sandakan on the day before). The mishap happened on 7.40am instead of 7.50am. After we were rescued, it took us approximately 1 hour and 40 mins ride back to Sandakan by the fishermen's boat. We were not sure whether or not the boat overturned because the boatman is trying to avoid a log... but the boat was very fast and it might be overloaded... as the boat operator told us the maximum no. of people to get on the boat is 18, but there were 22 of us that day.

I am not sure why the boat has overturned as i was too tired due to lack of sleep because we waited till 4.30am for the turtle to come up to the beach to lay eggs. When the boat overturned, i was closing my eyes. I opened my eyes when i heard my friends screamed... that's when i saw the boat went "off-tracked"... and i fell into the sea..

That's was scary!

I can't remember clearly what happened next.. but remember i saw water covering me and i swallowed lots of sea water while struggling... after that, i can't recalled what happened.

Next, when i opened my eyes, i was stucked under the overturned boat.. and i don't know which part of the boat i'm at.. all i could smelled was gasoline... luckily there was a small space where i can breathe.. it was then, i heard a lady asked (i can't see her from where i am): " Are you okay?"... i replied: "I'm... scared... i don't... know... how to... swim..." and she said (while holding my hand): "Don't worry, i'll be here with you.. i'm sure someone will come and save us!"

Then.. not long after, she said: " Some one is pulling my leg.. i think they are coming for us." I said (while trying to breathe): "Please help me.." Next, i felt someone is pulling my leg too.. and i fell deeper into the water (without knowing what to do, i just hold my breathe, closed my lips tightly and closed my eyes)... soon i am on the surface.. but no one was beside me..

I saw the boat.. which was unreacheable from where i am.. i saw a foreigner (man) in front of me and i asked him for help.. but he ignored me.. i cried and begged him to help me because i don't know how to swim but he told me no because he scared i will pulled him down.. (without realising i am actually floating with the aid of the life jacket as i was too panic and scared at that time) i tried to grab anywhere i can.. his hand, his shirt... while he swam away.. until i heard my friends calling out my name... i think he heard it too.. so he swam towards them and they grabbed me and pushed me up to the overturned boat.

I was really panic and keep on crying... i was having my period too.. i felt so weak.. i can't even balance my body to lie properly on the back of the boat and can't hold the boat tightly as the surface was too slippery due to fungus... and kept sliding down into the water but my friends each grabbed hold of my foot.

It was scary when we finally can looked around and only realised that there were no sight of any boat nearby that can help us.. luckily, one of my friend remembered there's a whistle in the pocket of the jacket... that's how a fisherman's boat came but it was too small.. as it can only fit 3 person... they told us they will seek for help.. that's how the big fishermen's boat came.

Luckily, all of us are alive...i got some injury on my neck (retrolisthesis of C4 over C5) which now i must stopped maintaining a certain posture for too long.. e.g. i need to rest every 15 minutes looking at the computer / reading... chest and ribs aching, muscle pain and felt some pain on my head. But, I can't remember how i got them.. according to the lady, she thought i was unconscious as she has been calling me a few times.. but i gave no response at all and i was not moving..

I'm really thankful to her.. Madam Susan Collins from New Zealand.. thanks for being there when i was really scared.. it really meant alot to me... being so helpless and scared at that time and not knowing what to do... her presence was like a guardian angel... thanks to the man who swam towards my friends and also another tourist (man) who helped me to get on to the fishermen's boat. I just couldn't thank you enough.

The accident was on Sunday, and my birthday was on Monday... at the time i fell into the sea, i thought.. i won't be able to celebrate my next birthday... according to my friends i "dissappeared" for 10 mins... they thought they had lossed me...
they were so panic and when they saw me they cried... according to our guide, i'm the last one who came out to the sea surface... i'm lucky that i survived... we hugged each other and cried when we were rescued.. it was really scary... i am having nightmares these few nights... i keep "seeing" what happened even during the day times... although my birthday was mostly spent in the hospital.. but it was really great to be home.

I am really thankful to all... and to God. And although physically i feel so weak now, but i feel great being alive and able to be together with all my loved ones!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Blog Break

Bites Tale : Still have alot of things to buy and pack! I think i'll be wearing my Reebok shoes (which is meant for aerobic) if i can't find the trekking shoes that fit me... i think it should be ok.. hope so.. if not, instead of walking .. i'll just do "roller-blading" in jungle.. muahahaha.. but then.. if i slipped, then all leeches will be crawling on my body... die (can't laugh anymore)!

Getting very busy getting ready for the trip... so many things to buy and prepare... at the meantime also busy with work..

So i'll be taking a break off from blogging now till i'm back.

See you in 2 weeks time!

In the meantime.. please pray for me and my "partners in crime"... (just a simple one)...

A safe journey from and back home! (That'll include all i guess...)

Till then, see ya!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

If Money is not a concern

Bites Tale : Help!!! I wanted to look for a pair of trekking shoes, but can't find the suitable size.. all trekking shoes are so big... i'm a size 5!

This is tagged by Sweetiepie.. i think it's good to do this... at least i'm allowed to dream for a while...

"What are the 5 gifts you would buy for Yourself this Christmas, if you had unlimited income?"

Hmmm... let's see..

1. I want a House... a place where i can called "Home";
2. I want an air ticket to go to Europe, Japan and Hong Kong.. i wanna go to Provence!!!;
3. I want to donate and do charity;
4. I want to buy a few property in all parts of the world for investment;
5. If possible, i want a Doraemon! (So i can use the Doraemon's door to get to everywhere i want to!)

I wish all my wishes could come true!

About tagging others, i think i will not be tagging others this time!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Bites Tale : He intro me to his friends as his gf, he intro me to his friends as a candidate of his potential marriage partner, he addressed me to his friend as a friend... what's wrong with me?

I hope they can do what they claimed they could :

I think this is the only insect repellent that claimed it protects against leeches! Got it @ RM29.30 for 100ml bottle from Guardian Pharmacy...

I hope it's not just another advert scams... please don't fail me...

Monday, December 3, 2007

It's not my birthday yet!

Bites Tale : I pray that i won't get any leech bite, bug bites, malaria and any other diseases or infection or allergy.. i pray that there will be no rain from now on until i reach home safely and i pray that i can come back on time for my birthday!

Hehehe... thanks for the early birthday wishes!

But, my birthday is in another 2 weeks time only. The cake is suppose to be eaten on my birthday, but the Ma Baker's Cafe will also be closed on the same day, that's why i can't book the cake for myself as a reward from my success in surviving the scariest trip in my life!

I'm now busy with work and busy with preparing the things to bring with me for the trip.

Will be going off this weekend, in the meantime, please help me to pray there is no rain from now on!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Sigh... no yummy cheesecake on my birthday!

Bites Tale : Anyone knows where to buy leech socks???

I'll be going off for "The Most Scariest Trip of My Life" soon!

And the only thing i wished for now, is to have the Red Cherry Cheesecake from Ma Baker's Cafe as soon as i got back from the trip (cos my birthday falls on the same day!). The idea is, even though i can't pick up the cake myself (as i'll be arriving home only at night!), i'm sure he'd gladly help me to do so.

So, i went to order the cake today... But, but, but...

The owner of Ma Baker's is going off for 3 days from that day onwards.. so they'll be closed.. and the day before that is Sunday (which they are closed too!).. so, unless i want to pick up the cake 2 days before my birthday... (but.. i want my cake FRESH!!!), i need to forgo this idea!!! (Ya, i know... cheesecakes can last longer.. but.. it's different.. that would not be the same.. in terms of "value".. I wanna reward myself with a fresh, yummy, cheesy mouthful of Red Cherry Cheesecake on my return from surviving my fear!.... if you know what i mean..sigh..).

So, I let go of the idea...


Pic : This is the raisin custard tart i made with "my own" recipe last friday... not really good.. better luck next time!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Bites Tale : Went to 1st Beach Cafe last nite and had a great time watching/listening to acoustic fingerstyle guitarists, John Goldie from Scotland and Roger Wang, our very own "King of Guitarist" (i create that nickname!) performed.. anyone who was there last nite?? Did you saw the waves? Damn scary!

Life's so busy... sometimes i just wish to quit and stop doing whatever i am doing now... and never look back again.. sometimes i wonder where am i going... i think i have lost my direction...

But then, i can't.... cos i need the $$$.

Yet, some friends told me :-

"You are earning peanuts lah!"


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Come, Let's go to Ma Baker's Cafe

Bites Tale : I saw one of my closest friend's butt yesterday... and i took a picture of it! Unbelievable... (Hey! Come back! Stop wondering... she asked me to took it! :) .... But, Not for blogging of course!)

Honestly, the only thing that is on my mind while i'm typing this is :

"Ma Baker's Cafe makes dieting impossible!!!"

It's true. I mean, i used to skip my lunch about 4 days a week after my regular lunch partner has left and i used it as an opportunity to cut down on my food intake. But ever since i read about Ma Baker's Cafe and went there to try it out myself... the word "Diet" is the last thing on my mind.

I remembered the 1st time i went there with my friend, we ordered the most raved about Chicken Chop (RM8.90).

I must say the chicken chop was nice... best of all, it is grilled. Although it was served with mushroom gravy but i personally like it on its own.. without dipping my meat into the mushroom gravy because the gravy is a bit tasteless and "watery" for me so i dipped my french fries (which is served together with the chicken chop) into it instead.

Then before we go, we ordered mango cheesecakes to take away (intended for our tea break)... that's when there is "no turning back" (no turning back to my diet plan, i mean!). Not even 5 mins i reached the office, i took the 1st bite of the cheesecake and finished it in a blink of eye.

Since that day, Ma Baker's Cafe became our favourite lunch spot and every time we go there, we tend to try out something new.. except for my friend... she is so in lurveeee with the spaghetti there.. i think she keep ordering it every time.

So these are some of the dishes we've tried there...

This is submarine (RM4.90).. a sandwich made of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and turkey ham.. it's a good choice if you need something light for lunch.. have it with hot coffee.. it's perfect! But, it would be much better if they can heat the bun 1st before serving. (I took this pic from !)

Next, the oh-so-wanted spaghetti (RM6.90).. it's really good! We finished the whole plate every time. At first, we used to share a plate of spaghetti and a sandwich/chicken chop/chicken wings... but now.. having half plate of spaghetti just cannot satisfy our cravings.. so now we order 1 plate each without sharing.. hahaha!

Here comes my favourite! The chicken wings (RM8.90 for half dozen)... apart from the cheesecakes, this is also the main reason why they are making dieting impossible. Like what i've said, we used to share our lunch.. but now, because the chicken wings were so good and simply because we are greedy, we once ordered chicken wings for sharing eventhough we already ordered 1 main dish each... just imagine how much food we eat during lunch.. not forgetting the "take away cheesecakes" for our tea break!

Speaking about cheesecakes, the Cafe owner, Christina told me that they normally would have 5 different cakes (freshly made) everyday. So i can't tell you what you can get there... but may be because of that, i love going to her place because i get excited to know what she's got to offer on that day. Some of the cakes i've tried there are :
  • Mango cheesecake - Nice!
  • Carrot cake - Yummilicious!
  • Cheese pie - Ok, ok lah!
  • (I'm stucked here.. can't remember!!)
  • Red Cherry cheesecake - This is the most delicious of all!
Sigh... (ya, i know i should be happy..) but, i really must do something here so that i don't turn myself into a bigger piece of meatball... either i should prevent myself from going there for lunch or i should stop buying cakes from there... but... hmmm... it doesn't sound possible..

What the heck! I wanna enjoy good food lah! Oh, did i tell you her curry chicken (comes in a set @ RM9.90 served with rice & soup + coffee/tea) was very nice too? (The picture is with my friend, i forgot to bring my camera on that day!) I kinda craving for it now... may be i should try my friend's suggestion...

"Just go there la... instead of take away the cheesecakes.. let's share a piece of cheesecake.. only 1 piece.. after our meal.. then at least can cut down a bit lah!"


(For more information on Ma Baker's Cafe, please visit Ravejoint!)

Ma Baker's Cafe
Lot 2, Teck Guan Villa
Kota Kinabalu

Tel : 088-237498

Pic: How the Cafe looks like from outside!