Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Secret...

Bites Tale : It's a quiet day today... everyone is in holiday mood for the merdeka day celebration... last task scheduled for today is at 8pm... till don't know what time.. but i'm looking forward for supper after that!

The Secret ... The Secret... what really is the SECRET?? The secret of what?? of who??

"The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne is really the talk of the town now i guess... i saw it on my colleague's desk on monday, and then the next day i saw it when i went to Popular Bookstore at Citymall, but i didn't get it.. i bought "Honk! If you are a Malaysian" by Lydia Teh and 3 other recipe books instead... yesterday i was thinking may be should put that book on my reading list and today... one of my friend was telling me how good and famous this book is... then suddenly.. a Yahoo messenger window popped up.. it was him, forwarding a summary on "The Secret", to me.

Hmm.... sounds a bit creepy... but may be it's a "signal" asking me to read the book!

But anyway, i just browse through the summary and felt deeply about this...

"When you feel bad about yourself, you block the love and instead you attract more people and situations that will continue to make you feel bad about you."

I will try to remember this when i'm feeling shit about myself...

Yes, i'll try... in the meantime... please bear with me... with my self-doubting...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lost & found; and a terrible morning...

Bites Tale : Sometimes i wonder... why? why? why?... i felt so happy & lucky then the next minute.. It turned otherwise!

Was so happy this morning... because i found $ that i've lost... lost for a whole month and it got back to me.. no, i didn't misplaced it... someone sent it back!! Felt so blessed.. yet the next minute... things changed... boss told me to do something... i followed... i did what he asked me to.. then he wanted to change... but was too late, i've done it... money involved here.. and i can't just changed.. was very upset when he keep saying i don't understand what he wants... i do understand finally why he wants to change... but it was too late to make changes..

Did a lot of thinking... no point of persisting my point... both will get more frustrated. So i said sorry, and told him i've done it before he said he want to change. Lastly, he said up to me, as long as he gets what he wants in the 1st place.

Though things will be settled at the end of the day... i still feel bad...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

At last!!! I can say i've passed.

Bites Tale : The ones i made last time were too hard that i can kill someone...


Not bad huh??

It's not so hard anymore... only need some improvement on the base.. guess i really need to add some bread softener as what Chef Ang has advised.

The cheese ones taste quite nice... not the raisin ones though.. because i didn't put sugar on top.. so the raisins tasted a bit bitter..

Here's the recipe:

Ingredient :

500g bread flour
100g caster sugar
80g condensed milk
5g emulsifier
5g salt
30g shortening
1 egg
180g water
18g yeast


I just pour everything except the condensed milk, shortening & emulsifier into the cake mixer and mix, mix, mix until the mixture became a dough with low speed.

Then add the remaining ingredients into the cake mixer and mix, mix, mix again until the dough turned into a smoother dough (take 1 small piece of the dough and pull... it should be in "elastic" form, if it breaks, meaning u have to mix longer). Then pour the dough out and placed a damp cloth on it and wait for it to rise. Double the size. (it took me 20 minutes)

After that, cut into small sizes and make the shapes u desire... cover with damp cloth and wait for them to rise again.

Then put cheese/raisin/anything you like and wait for it to rise until double size (preheat the oven now). Bake them in the oven for 15 mins.. and walaaaa... done!!

Practice makes perfect! So i will be trying out with more flavours and shapes!

Aca-aca fighting!

Pic : Different shapes & flavours i've tried out!

Monday, August 27, 2007

More pimples to come...

Bites Tale : I've got 7 new pimples popped up on my face, all because i was too greedy.

Blame it on the season!!!

It's that time of the year again...

I wanna control... but so hard to... been eating it last wed, sat and yesterday...

I wonder anyone out there know any "secret" on how to control pimple growth after eating durian???

Body felt so heaty now ... drinking lots of water and green beans is not doing much for me...

By the way, what is the reason we can't drink beer and eat durian at the same time?

Pic: I've never seen such big piece of durian before...

Friday, August 24, 2007

All the best to my friend!

Bites Tale : Last Tuesday, she suggested practising singing at my house, i called another friend to join. We had a great evening... singing our hearts out all night long...

One of my friend is participating in a singing contest tonight, she's been "working" hard for it... hopefully her cough will stop by tonight!

U go gal!

Pic : Searching for songs to sing...

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Bites Tale : 他说"我做了那么多, 妳从不认为是浪漫而认为是应该的!"

I'm sad.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I must rediscover myself!!

Bites Tale : Last week, i was feeling like shit.. can't even do anything properly.. not even blogging!! I've fallen into the deepest trap i created for myself.. it's called "The Cave of Loser"...

I am trying to believe in myself and have confidence about who i am and what i am capable of!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

KK's Secret Garden

Bites Tales : Feeling brain dead today. I think i need to indulge in good food.. but i can't think of what's really nice to eat in KK now.. that's not the usual me!

Written about this new place to hang out in KK at my previous blog before... so now it's not so new anymore.. At last, my friends and i went there for dinner/supper (dinner for them, supper for me because i had my dinner at home before meeting them up.. kekeke)

The place is really nice, especially at night.. but i won't recommend you to go on a rainy night... and i simply got to say i'm quite disappointed with the food there.. may be, it's just that what we ordered were not nice (hopefully)!

These were what we had that night (never think of going there for food anymore.. drinks? may be yeah!) :-

Fried noodle, forgot what it's called.. i think is something chinese style fried noodle.. comes with a mango jelly - think is RM 7.90.

Verdict : So, so only lah!

I know this looks ugly... almost missed out this dish because i took forever to make my order, my friend nearly finished this when i came back to the table.. This is from the korean food stall - Stir fry beef, served with rice - think is RM 14.

Verdict : Not nice at all!! not worth it!!

I really can't recalled what this is, the western food stall told me this is a Greek cuisine.. Lamb served with pita bread, some sour salad mixture and fresh vege.. think is RM12.90

Verdict : Nothing to shout about, ok lah!

Hmm... not sure about you, but with that pricing, i'll be able to get better food with the same environment elsewhere..

Anyone have recommendation on any nice food to try out there?

Location :-

Grace Point
Double Six Memorial Park
(In between Grace Ville & Grace Condo)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Bites Tale : Went to mamak with friends last nite, they were showing a ghost movie, starring shu qi, talking about seeing ghost. There was 1 part where they describe the reincarnation of family members who passed away and live thru the next new-born member of the family.

Last sat, i saw this "New Life Post" (新生活报) dated 08.08.07 lying on the table, since i've never read this newspaper before, i pick it up and flipped through... saw this big title on barbados currency..

I shouted : "Yerrr.... how come so like this one?", my eyes were extra big and that time... looking at this,

They look similar, don't they?

A closer look,

The face of the Barbados 2 Dollar is John Redman Bovell (1855-1928), the one in the other picture (needless for me to say, but..) is Andy Lau... hmm.. 1 "ang moh" and 1 "cina"... but look alike..

Is that strange or what?

Monday, August 13, 2007

So hot!!!

Bites Tale : he told me, he felt like he's being cooked; she told me, she feels like jumping into a swimming pool; i feel like taking off all my clothes and sleep in air-con room...

Weather is too hot today...

Feel like i'm walking in a oil heated wok! can feel hot steam coming out from everywhere...

Can't even open my eyes when walking... sun is too bright...

Damn!!! i missed the rain...

Pic : It rained suddenly on our way to airport (taken in a taxi on 13.05.07)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm such a lousy driver!!

Bites Tale : Too many happenings i had yesterday... may be that's why i had a nightmare!!

Yesterday morning, my dad asked me :"how are you going to drive today?", i said :"as usual lor...", he asked again :"how did you managed to drive home after work last night?", i said :"huh? as usual lor..", then he said :" you had a car puncture and you don't know ah?" ... i was like "huh? ya kah?"

So he brought my car to some workshop to check... turned out that i need to change 2 tyres because there is some iron thingy came out from the 2 tyres due to some car alignment problems.. sigh.. the total bill costs me RM510.00... there goes my $$$... sigh...

My dad asked me, "don't you feel anything strange when u are driving?", i said: "umm, apart from my steering wheel is looped sided.. i feel nothing." Can see he wanted to faint at that time.. kekeke.

Got my car in the evening, and drove my mom to town for shopping.. wow... can feel the difference.. the car is so light and so smooth to drive... hahaha.

I'm such a lousy driver oh...

Pic: Nothing beats a joyride with McD burger, fries & drink.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I am not giving up!!!

Bites Tale: 失败乃成功之母 (Failure is the Mother of Success)

Hmmm... not sure what's happening to me...

My 1st attempt to bake wholemeal bread last month :-

Verdict from my dad :

"if you start throwing them at people's head... they sure start bleeding."

Okay, fine...

I wanted to try making another cheesecake recipe... Pina Colada... sounds nice huh? So, i try making it last night...

Looks alright oh?


It was too soft... not set at all... and tasted a bit awkward

Ended up in the bin now...


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How are you today?

Bites Tale : Remember how you learn to walk the 1st time??

Mum was upset last night.

She had a fight with my sis... (sigh... both are very quick tempered).. of course, it all comes down to mum worrying about sis being taken advantage by her friend, A; and sis is mad because she don't like the way mum is talking to her and interrupted her personal life.

I told mum, "don't be upset.. sometimes, we (the children) need to learn our own lessons... especially when we refused to listen, so even if you knew we will end up hurting ourselves, just let us be... that's the learning process. And at the end of the day, be there for us when we need you."

I think she felt better already this morning... even asked me out for dim sum breakfast. Felt so bad to reject her offer, but will sure be late for work if i go breakfast with dad & her. Luckily she understands...


pic: i love kopi-o, but trying to reduce drinking caffeine...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lemon Cheesecake Making

Bites Tale: Cheesecake lovin!!!

This is an old post from my previous blog.

Got this recipe from a recipe book called "Taste of Cold, Sweet Temptations" by Kelly Tang. Really nice book with lots of easy to follow recipe, think you can get it from Popular Bookstore.
But i've made some changes in the recipe.. for example, i replaced the cream crakers with wholemeal crackers and skipped the toasted almond nibs too! Made this with my sis and is really easy to make...

And best of all it's yummilicious... may be it's kinda sour to some.. but it's just nice for me..




140g wholemeal cracker crumbs

1/8 teaspoon mixed spice

1 1/2 tablespoon caster sugar

170g unsalted butter, melted


250g cream cheese, softened

110g caster sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

11/2 teaspoon lemon juice

200g dairy whipping cream

200ml full cream milk (i use low fat milk instead)

170g Jello lemon flavour



1. Crust - combine all ingredient into the baking tin. Press until firm and chill in fridge.

2. Filling - Beat cream cheese, caster sugar, vanilla essence, lemon juice and dairy whipping cream until smooth

3. Bring fresh milk and jelly crystal to boil until dissolved, when it is still warm, add into item 2 mixture and mix well.

4. Pour mixture onto crust and chill in fridge until set for 3 - 4 hours.

5. Done

Long time didn't make cheesecake, think i should... may be tonight!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Felt so stupid oh...

Bites Tale: Mr. Perfect doesn't exist, what exist is understanding, trust, support & love between 2 lovers..

It happened last saturday when i was having dinner with my family & some family business partners. Not sure why suddenly the issue of marriage was brought up. Anyway, it ended up that i felt a bit embarrassed.


Because my sis told us that she heard from someone he's going to propose to me... and it will be very soon as the wedding will be next year.. i was like :"huh? WTH?". So the guests were congratulating me, reached out their hands waiting for me to reach out mine too. I did... to be polite.

But, when they (including my mom) asked me questions on the wedding, the dates, what to prepare etc... i had no idea... really... no idea.. totally zero knowledge. It seems they don't believe it as though i was trying to hide from them.. i felt stupid there actually.. and i don't believe he will do that because i knew he won't treat wedding as a surprise (joke) as it involves the 2 of us.. and our family.

And, when they asked me... "what does he do?" i can only say IT... "what kind of job?" again they asked... i said i don't know.. something to do with computers.. "what company he worked with?" i said he's a freelancer... "what is his real job, what does he earned for a living?" i said i don't know.. don't know how to explain. One of them asked me... you are going to marry him and you said you don't know?? There, i felt so..o...o...o..o... stupid again!!

I wish i could just tell them i don't know how to explain.. because i am an idiot in IT/Computer... even if i read the whole series on "Computers for Idiots"... i don't think i can explain his job.. I could only use computers for my paper work and blogging.. anything more than that i don't know... but then, of course i just smile and listen to my mom saying: "yalor... how to tell people what is his job? so difficult eh..."... i kept silent there... later that night, mom keep saying i look so stupid without knowing how to answer them..

I called him after dinner, and i asked him about the wedding and his job... he came to my house that night and told me in front of my mom that he would never do that... marriage is not for fun, and if we are to get married, we'll all plan it together.. if he got plans to marry me.. he will proposed to me.. tell our parents TOGETHER. And about his job, if someone were to ask again.. and if i feel difficult to explain, call him... he'd loved to come and explain.. and he said sorry to me... for making me feel embarrassed that night.

I know my parents are worried that he might not have a stable income... like what my dad told me yesterday while we are having lunch.. he said, "next time you marry him ah.. will he be able to buy you branded goods?".. "he must at least has a stable income before he marries you right?"...blaa.. blaa... blaah... (hey dad, i fell in love with him is not because i want him to buy me branded goods.. is simply because i think he's the one i'll be able to grow with..and grow old with!)

But i have confidence in him! Because since i met him... he's been busy... he's not jobless.. with nothing to do.. and he is not sleeping all day long, shaking his legs and waits for money to drop from the sky. He's got his plans, and when he's ready... he will propose and we'll not hide it from anyone.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Souvenirs from Sabah...

Bites Tale: The little things that counts!

So, what would you buy if you are to visit Sabah? or what would you bring from Sabah when you are visiting a friend/relative in another country?

I've always thought a T-shirt and some local malay cookies would be a good choice... or may be something like these :


Something like a box to put sweets / jewelry / even paper clips for office use..

A nice decoration..

or even some vases..

It's only recently that i learned from a colleague who mostly deals with affiliates from Hong Kong that there's a very famous "souvenir" from Sabah people from Hong Kong love... at least, that's what she's being told.

It's "Ice cream"... yes, you read it correctly... Ice cream from Sabah... i was shocked too... especially when she told me, some even buy about 10 boxes to bring back to Hong Kong as gifts..

Wonder what ice cream would that be as i think there'll be better / more famous ice-creams like Haagen Daz or Baskin Robbins easily available in Hong Kong.

It's called Ice Cream Potong... i'm sure some of you must have heard / even tried it before. Not sure whether it is available in any other places in Malaysia though..

I saw it at Giant Supermarket.. out of curiosity, i decided to buy a box of mixed flavoured so i could try for myself how good they really are...

This is how the box of ice creams looks :

Nice packaging huh?

Variety of flavours they have :

I haven't finish eating that whole box... some were eaten by my mom & sis... we have tried the avocado, cempedak, cendol, red bean and sweet corn flavour... frankly, we think they tasted so-so only... except for the red bean flavour... it's nice... really nice!

So i guess buying this next time may not be a bad idea after all...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Taking Things for Granted?

Bites Tale : What do you want today?

I have been thinking for quite sometime... in fact.. it's more than 3 years now...
Haven't really take the initiative to make things happened...

There's so much i wanna do... at least ... for myself once... and not for others

Yet, i felt myself being tied down with what's on hand now... and i can't think of anything so...o..o... selfish until i've finished with all of them... that's why i ended up doing nothing...

There, tell me i'm not odd! that i'm not taking things for granted..

And that there's someone out there who has similar thoughts like me...

pic: 1st time kite flying on 16.09.06

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blog, Blog, Blog...

Bites Tale : Having cheese makes me happy!!!

I'm really addicted to this blogging thingy..

I don't have much friends in real life.. come to think of it.. i had just enough friends to count by fingers.. 10.. not more than 10.. other than them.. i don't really have much friends.. until.. i learned to do this blogging thingy.. and till i'm with him..

I've changed alot.. yes.. but i see this as a good change..

1stly, i've met new people.. yes, through blogging (though this is my 1st time to blog here).. it's been almost 11 mths now.. and i've make friends with some of them.. learning what they can share.. from work experience, travel, cooking... and LIFE!! what they believed and how they feel about what's happening in each other lives etc, which it's a big NO, NO for me.. i used to be alone.. not wanting to share with others what i think.. afraid that "what if.. they think i am stupid/wrong?".. so ended up, a lot of people misunderstood me as a proud person.. just like what one of my friend said to me :"before i know you, i thought you are "sah sin" (hakka) .. which means "proud".. or even "LCLY".. and i never forget what a classmate told me, he said :"when you 1st walked into this class, i think "wow, this gal is so cool! now that we've spend few months sitting next to each other, you are just another mad gal.. hahaha".. i never think myself as a proud person.. i'm just shy and clueless on what to talk when meeting others the 1st time.. i am those "slow-heated" person.. you need to push, push, push.. asking me question or find topics to chat with me.. i guess.. i'm simply afraid of "being rejected".. and this "fear" has "followed" me even till now.. but hey.. i think i am improving.. thanks to my friends and blog friends!! and thanks to one of my guy friend, for encourage me to do blog! Blogging now keep me sane..

2ndly, i've met him, be friended with him.. and lastly, became his gf.. in someway.. we think and believed the same.. in some, we have had so much differences.. like he's a damn friendly guy, has lots of friends.. i remember he once said to me that "it's good to have friends, you get to learn from each other.. improve yourself from there and grow.."; i used to feel uncomfortable when there's a big crowd, he loves (which i think he did it purposely) bringing me to meet his friends or go to his friend's concert/show.. where i'll meet a lot of people.. at 1st, it's a bit difficult for me.. but now.. i think i'm doing ok, compared to the 1st time where i just sit at the corner.. and then start to help out a bit;... till today, i'm still learning how to respect our differences.. of course, it involves arguing and disagreement in some cases, but luckily, we went through each one of them.. hope we can continue to grow with each other..

Gosh.. i think i can continue typing this non-stop.. better stop here for now.. will end this with a pic taken by him during his trip to shanghai last year.. hope you'll like it!

The 10 "Don'ts" in Hygienic Civilisation :-