Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back from Taiwan


Should have blog earlier but was really sick. Having bad cough, fever and itchy skin since the last 2 days of Taipei trip till now.

This picture was taken in Jiu Fen (九份)a very nice place to visit when you are in Taiwan.

We were suppose to find good food in Taizhong and Taipei, but to me, except for the steamboat buffet we had in Xi Men Ding, a restaurant called Ma La (馬辣)that serves good variety of food, all other food were just so so. It's all about street food, "concept" food but not really so much of good, tasty food. It could be because the taste doesn't suit myself.

You must now wonder what do I mean by "concept" food. It's just fancy outlook / name given to the food or the restaurant. Taste is just so so. But these places or stalls are always crowded because everyone wants to try. Some of the concept food we tried are the bear paw buns (熊掌包),Toilet restaurant (便所餐廳),Snail onion pancake (蝸牛煎餅) and others.

Shopping is good for young fashionistas who is in their 20's. There are so many things to buy and prices are really cheap compared to what you get in KK. My friends and @meitzeu enjoyed shopping for clothing, fashion accessories and skin care very much. But, shopping in Taiwan for me is very practical instead of splurge. What I bought in Taizhong and Taipei are only these :

1. Fridge magnet
2. Bracelets for friends
3. Food products (Pineapple cookies, Beef Jerky, Lemon Tarts, Muachi etc) for office and home
4. 1 blouse and 1 T shirt
5. 4 books
6. 3 stockings (Can't find them in KK)
7. 4 boxes of contact lens
8. A bracelet for myself (been eyeing it!)
9. 2 belts
10. 2 pairs of leather sandals
and not forgetting the travel experience and memories with friends.

Stay tune for more updates on this trip.

*cough cough

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Finding Good Food in Taipei and Taichung

Am at Taipei now. Spent 2 days at Taichung and will be exploring Taipei for the next few days.

Hope to find really good food soon.

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