Saturday, March 7, 2009

Please don't cross the line...

Bites Tale : Can't believe my last blog here is still dated 2nd Jan. This new job is sure eating my time up, will be completing my 1st year this coming month end. Am lovin' this job... though there are times someone is making us feeling like we want to put super glue on their lips!

How will you react on this?

The bible of customer service tells us : "Customer is always right!"

How true? I wonder...

We met a very difficult customer -- one who accepted our quote, one who changed the itinerary after accepting it and requested no change in the price, one who simply instruct the driver and tour guide and adding more places to go etc...

Still, we accommodate all the requests, but i lost my cool when i was informed that during one of the pre-booked dinner, the customer went up to the restaurant cashier counter, claimed himself as one of our company staff and asked to see the cost of the dinner.

That really crossed the line... and i was "banned" from confronting the customer... :(

Now, tell me... is customer always right?