Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bella Italia, Jesselton Hotel, KK

Bella Italia is one of my favourite place to unwind and spend quality time with my friends and love ones. I am still torn in between Bella Italia and Grazie. Both are my favourites (I love pizza + pasta!).

Last time it was the "ambiance", but now it is the food, service and not forgetting the ambiance that keep me going back to Bella Italia. I personally think that this restaurant has improved since Chef Leo started. 

There's new ideas every month, new food to try. The marketing team also did a great job in organising programs to keep its patrons addicted and coming back for more.

I took pictures of my food every time i eat there. These are just the recent ones. (It took me too long to update my blog, luckily i have new pictures to post)

These were  taken on 22 Mar 2011 when i was celebrating a dear friend's birthday. There were just 3 of us. Chef Leo amazed us with his pizza (not in the menu). It taste really good.

We enjoyed our food that night very much and what's a birthday without cake? So we ordered a slice of Tiramisu to share. Tiramisu was not so nice because i prefer it to contain rum, but i guess in order to make it "Halal", the rum was opt out of this.

Bella Italia introduces lots of programmes each month and 1 of them was the Vietnamese cuisine where a Vietnamese Chef was "flown in" by the Restaurant. My friend invited me to go for this before this programme ends on 25 April 2011.

May be we were expecting too much, it turns out to us the Vietnamese food we ordered are not so nice or may be we made the wrong choice of food. But the Pizza was very nice -- Nothing can go wrong with Pizza for me. :) When Chef Leo finds out, he made it up to us by recommending some other Vietnamese dishes. 
Overall we had a great time enjoying the food and white wine -- Thanks to Chef Leo's recommendation.





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