Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am Invinsible

Bites Tale : How was your Merdeka day?

Everyone must have been happily busy with the Merdeka celebration, Berbuka Puasa and the coming Hari Raya and Mid Autumn festival during the long weekend break. For some, the long weekend is a chance for family and friends to get together.

1 Malaysia --- A theme that i personally like very, very much.

It's always great to see that everyone of us have made friends with every race in our home. It is so touched to see every races living in harmony.

Today would have been a good day for me. Received a call from a very good friend of mine today, dropping by here just to have a short update on each other session. It was really great to see this good friend of mine. Kept smiling to myself thinking of her.

What happened next... really made me feel sad. I was looking for a parking space, been searching and turning 3 rounds then saw a car making its way out of a parking space. So, i put the signal on to indicate to others, i am waiting for the parking. Some cars still went past our 2 cars, so the driver of the car has to wait until there is enough space for him to reverse while i patiently wait at the side with my signal still on.

Suddenly a car passed by and saw the reverse sign of the car, the driver then reversed his car and acted as if i, and my car, were invinsible. I tried everything i could to get his, and his family members' attention - honk, wave, hand signal... they saw me but, still i am invincible.

I regretted that it got on my nerves, i was showing my disapproval for being treated so rudely clearly on my face and body language. But, the driver still treated me as invincible. His sister (i assumed) saw my behaviour, without even feeling sorry for what they did. She made funny faces to me.

I am speechless.

But, life still goes on and it does.

Wonder when can everyone start being a little courteous to people they don't know.

Try smiling to someone you don't know. I do that.... and normally the response i get is....

They pretended they didn't see that smile coming...

I am invinsible.